My Testing Values

I want my testing to reflect a certain set of values. It’s my goal that all my testing shows evidence of the following qualities, in no particular order:

  • Efficiency – I want to spend my time focused on testing that is prioritized around risk assessments and what is important to the stakeholders of the product.
  • Depth/Consideration – I want to test beyond acceptance criteria and look deeply into the product to find any information that may be relevant to the stakeholders.
  • Clarity – When I report on my testing, I want the strategies, procedures, and results to be clear to those who need information on the product. If they can’t understand the information I’m presenting, then I’m wasting everyone’s time.
  • Flexibility – I want to be flexible enough to change my test plan if new information comes to light.
  • Based on context/Informed – I want to use the information I have to drive my ideas for what to test next. Also to look at what information I don’t have as an area to explore and learn.
  • Purpose – I don’t want my tests to be aimless wandering – I want them to be purpose driven. WHY I am testing something can be just as important as the HOW.
  • Novelty – I want to attempt to test outside of what I already know. Explore new areas and interactions of the product. This also makes me ask the important question, “How do I know I know something?”

Do you have other qualities you want to see in your testing? Let me know in the comments!